Turbo Charge Your Business Cards With Call Tracking Numbers


Have Call Tracking Numbers. Will Travel.

It's hard to imagine a more common marketing tool for small business than the humble business card. As a small business owner, you probably hand these little puppies out like candy to everyone you meet. You've probably found yourself pinning your business cards to bulletin boards at the grocery store, or giving a few to the stylist at your hair salon, or subtly slipping them into birthday cards for your family. (Well, that may be a little extreme, but humor me for a second.) Why do you give them out so much? Because you're serious about getting the word out about your amazing business, right?

Have you ever wondered if all of that effort is paying off? I mean, sure it's fun to hand out your cards all willy-nilly, but wouldn't it be amazing when you get a customer call to be able to see that it was a result of your hand-to-hand marketing efforts?

I thought so, too.

If you're like me, you have your website address on your business card. That's fantastic because it helps you with branding. But, what if you put a QR code on the back of your business card that takes the user to a specific, private page on your website where you have a video welcome, or some cool little intro to yourself? That's super cool, and it would be helpful for you to know how often people access that information. For bonus points, you can create a page with a form where the user can give you their email or phone number and download something that they would find helpful.

All that is great.

But let's be honest. The most frequent action that people take with your business card is to pick up their business and give you call.

You Give Out Business Cards Because You Want People To Call

So, how are you going to measure that? Yep. You guessed it. Call tracking numbers. Instead of putting your main business number on your business card, pick up a local call tracking number and put it on there instead. Then, when they call, your call tracking service will register the call. When you're ready to see how your business card effectiveness is doing, you can log in and take a look.

Check out Moo.com

Check out Moo.com

Bonus tip: When you're ready to increase response, consider using the back of your business card for a special call to action or teaser headline that will make you stand out more in customer's minds. It's a cross between branding and action-based marketing. If you like that idea, why not create several different calls to action? Companies like moo.com make creating beautiful and customizable business cards fun!

If you decide to go to a trade show or some special event, why not get a special business card printed up with a unique phone tracking number on it as well and measure the effectiveness of your efforts?

When it comes to marketing, you want to measure each campaign's effectiveness as much as possible.