Don't Let Madness Stop Your Business Productivity


I bet you’ve heard about the guy who decided he’d give away a billion dollars to anybody who could come up with a perfect bracket. Lucky for him, none of the millions of bracket entries made it past the first round of the challenge (and if you’re one of the participants, don’t feel bad---you only had a one in 576 quadrillion chance of winning).

For almost every other business owner out there, losing money during March Madness isn’t a game they want to play---NCAA-obsessed workers could cost employers $1.2 billion for every unproductive work hour.

50 million Americans are expected to participate in March Madness, and most likely, you employ at least one of them (hey, you may be a little obsessed yourself!). It’s fun, after all! But if you’ve got employees doing more than sneaking glances at their phones and spending a little too long in the break room, chances are they’re not doing all of the work they can---or should---be doing. What should you do to keep tabs on your business productivity?

You’ve got two options:

A. Shut off your business operations to the dancing completely.

Block streaming websites, collect smartphones, enforce TV-free break rooms, and cause general overall office depression. Probably incite a walk-off. Definitely have someone switch the sugar bowl you use for your coffee to salt. This approach may backfire.

B. Enjoy the madness, but track your business productivity.

Look, you’re smart. You know it’s impossible to put blinders on your team, but you also know that you’re responsible for how you manage distractions, especially when they affect your bottom line. One easy-to-implement solution? Call recording.

Why does this work? Monitoring your employees this way ensures that they’re not slacking in providing excellent customer experiences: they aren’t letting phones ring, leaving customers hanging, or coming up short on serving the customer just because a game is scheduled to start soon.

Recording calls keeps everyone accountable, but it's a means for recognizing and rewarding outstanding members of your team, too.

When you start recording your calls, you’ll be able to turn your productivity questions into data you’ll be able to use and re-use. It’s not just a good tool for March Madness aka business distraction season---there are exponential ways you can use data from recorded calls month-after-month (training and continuing education opportunities and onboarding for new employees come to mind immediately).

Call recording is about more than policing your employees. You don’t have to hover over their desks to make sure work is being done well---the numbers will tell you all of that. It’s about maintaining an environment where your customers are served well and your operations are running smoothly. When those things are taken care of, a few minutes to watch a basketball game won’t be a big deal at all. In fact, taking that time to celebrate wins and bemoan busted brackets together will boost office morale. And who doesn’t want that?