How To Record Incoming Calls To Your Business


Why Recording Incoming Calls Is A Genius Move On Your Part

So your marketing has been successful and you're starting to get some fantastic call volume! Way to go! That's something to stop and celebrate.

Maybe you've rocked the direct mail campaigns, or that perfectly placed television ad really got your customers attention. Of course, hopefully, you set up a unique call tracking number for each of those campaigns so now you have great insights into which campaigns you should repeat and how you can improve the next round. (If not, we've got you covered.)

Now, when customers call, your sales team has the opportunity to help them move from "interested" to paying customers. But how are you going to evaluate those conversations? I guess you could stand behind their desk and listen carefully so you can figure out what's being asked. (Like you have time for that kind of foolishness.) Or, you can set up some way to record those incoming calls. We'd highly recommend the latter of those two options. And obviously, you've figured that out, too. That's why you're here.

Record Incoming Calls The Easy Way

Maybe you think that it's going to require some kind of hardware solution that you need to install at your location. Or maybe, you've been hesitant to look into it, because you think it may mean retraining your sales team in how to answer the phone. Here's the good news. It's just not complicated at all.

Ready for the simple process?

If you want to record the incoming calls to your business here's what you need to do:

  1. Purchase a cheap local number or toll free number from a phone tracking service. (Don't mess with the phone company and the exorbitant fees they charge.)

  2. Put that number on your marketing ads.

  3. Enter your existing business number for your call recording number to forward to.

  4. Listen to the recordings of your incoming calls and evaluate them in order to train your sales team better.

That's it.

When you use this process of a forwarding call recording number, everything stays just the same on your end. Nothing new to figure out. When the customer calls the number they will receive a courtesy message that lets them know that the call is recorded for quality purposes, and then it will connect to your sales team. Easy.

(Of course, if you're the DIY type, I guess you could go ahead and do it the hard way. You could stick a microphone by each of your sales team, and just ask the customer to "speak up". Run that baby to a sweet old-fashioned tape deck and you're all set.)