Toll Free Numbers and Local Numbers Should Have 100% Uptime


Toll Free Numbers That Work 100% Of The Time

While chatting on our company Twitter account recently, I happened to come across one of our competitors, and out of curiosity took a peek at their page. To my surprise, there was a link to not one, but two Twitter accounts for the same business. As it turned out, one account was active for the sole purpose of providing updates as to whether or not their lines were experiencing problems that day and would be in working order for their customers.


When you purchase a product you generally anticipate it's going to work. When the product happens to be the phone lines that bring leads into your business, there should never be any period of time when it is out of order. It is vital that your phone lines are up and running 100 percent of the time. One “down day” equals loss for your business, and being notified via Twitter of an outage or problem doesn’t put those dollars back in your pocket.

I'm proud to say that TeleCapture lines are tested daily to ensure your account is in full functioning order at all times. There is no need for us to have a dedicated Twitter account for alerting customers of outages, because all our servers are backed up and employ multiple termination carriers as well as redundant server based operations. Additionally, TeleCapture employs a 24/7 customer support team to handle any troubleshooting or assistance you may need while using our service.

Now that's 100% peace of mind.