What's Your Backup Plan For Phone Outages?


“Dangerous arctic blasts! It may feel like -40 degrees!” “You won’t believe where it snowed!” “Is the sun taking a break?”Warning: Icy mess in days ahead.”

If you’ve stepped outside in, say, the last few months, you don’t need headlines to tell you---it’s been really cold lately. Along with dangerously low temperatures, Old Man Winter has dumped a season’s worth of snow in some places in just a few weeks, caused ice storms in others, and produced damaging wind and rain elsewhere.

Weather has caused a mess that’s closed schools and shuttered businesses, and guess what? It’s not going to stop, even after winter ends!

Even when the snow plows are stored away and winter coats are packed in a closet, you’re still going to have to worry about the weather. Tornado season, hurricane season, wildfire season, flood season; no matter where you live or what time of the year it is, you’ve got to be ready for disasters.

For business owners, this means having a backup plan for your business operations.

Imagine this:

You’ve just finished eating dinner and are cleaning up your kitchen, watching the local weather, when you hear a weather alert warning you of extreme winds and snowfall. You’re already hoping there won’t be a delay on the commute to work; your day is packed, and you and your employees can’t afford to lose one minute of productivity. You’ve just gone live with an advertising campaign that you’ve spent the last quarter perfecting, and the leads are coming in fast. You fall asleep that night dreaming of the potential customers you'll earn and profit you can make.

The next morning, you arrive to work to find out that not only did the previous night’s ice storm take out power, but it also collapsed and severed phone lines. Power is on, but there’s no telling when your business’ internet and phone will be restored---it could be hours, days, or even weeks. You're so mad you could scream. Not only have you missed any of the potential calls that could've been buys, but you may have many current customers who are upset that they couldn’t get the assistance they needed, either. You’re sickened just thinking about the customers who may have been lost and the resources wasted on campaign ruined by Mother Nature. Because of a phone outage, your business is paralyzed.

Now, consider this version:

You get to work to find out that not only did the previous night’s ice storm take out power, but it also collapsed and severed phone lines. You’re frustrated, naturally, but at least you know that you haven’t missed any leads, because you’ve got a partner who takes care of your phone operations and guarantees both you and your clients are taken care of in situations like this. In fact, every potential customer who called---and who will call---will reach someone who can help them. You rest assured knowing that your marketing campaign wasn’t spoiled by bad weather and bad luck. Despite the disaster, it’s better than business as usual.

Can you tell the difference? The difference is having a back-up plan.

In situation one, things are under control when everything’s operating as it should be. But, should disaster occur, there’s no way for you to recoup your losses, because there’s no contingency.

In situation two, having a back up plan takes care of the unknown for you. You never have to think about the “what-ifs?” if a disaster strikes, because you’ve chosen to partner with a company that can give you reliable service and a guaranteed back up plan for phone outages.

Here’s how it works:

With what’s called multi-route management, multiple vendors are available at any time and in any situation to serve you. If disaster or emergency causes one vendor to go down, your calls are immediately routed to the next. Redundancy is built in to the system so you never have to worry about losing current and potential customer calls. This way, if bad weather, emergency, or any number of other unforeseen circumstances occur, you’re covered.

You won't miss calls, you won't lose business, and you'll be able to serve your customers well. And, you'll have peace of mind knowing that you don't have to worry in any kind of weather.

But, maybe thinking about this situation has you checking your local forecast. If so, contact us. We can help you come up with a back up plan for phone outages that will serve your customers reliably no matter the season.

With that in mind, tell us, has your business’ productivity ever suffered due to the weather?