Why Storing Phone Records Off-Site Matters For Your Business


"How can I grow my business?"

It’s a question you’ve no doubt considered quite a bit (and maybe “quite a bit” is even an understatement!). As an entrepreneur, you’re interested in making the most of the limited time and resources you have. So what are some concrete things you can do to maximize your investments so you can successfully grow your company?

According to international sales expert and New York Times best-selling author Grant Cardone, there’s a five-point process that answers that question. Cardone says the first two “keys” to growing your business are to delegate and pick your battles.

In other words, success comes down to realizing you can’t do it all.

You have to cut through the noise, figure out what tasks represent the 20 percent with the greatest leverage and focus on those tasks. Find those projects that make a big impact and ignore EVERYTHING else.

Sure, it sounds good to say you can ignore everything else. But what about those leftover tasks that simply must be done? As one prescient commenter put it, “when you can't do it all, you can still have someone else do it for you anyways,” thereby harnessing the strengths of others to accomplish even more.

Here’s an example:

Dr. Clean, a local dentist, recently ran a series of promotions that, thanks to precise marketing, have phones ringing off the hook. For the past month, his office staff has been inundated with calls, which has led to more booked appointments and excellent feedback from clients.

Dr. Clean and his staff are thrilled about this, but he can tell that he’s pulling his staff, equipment and himself in too many directions. His staff is so busy recording data that appointments aren’t getting made and many of the leads the promotions generated are going elsewhere.

And, in the midst of all of the good news, his office manager realizes that the hard drives that store all of the recorded data are working slower than usual and have started crashing.

Dr. Clean’s case is a prime example of the importance and value of delegating a task that can be done best by someone else; in this case, Dr. Clean can save himself and his staff a lot of time and potentially make much more profit by storing their phone records off-site.

What exactly is off-site call storage?

All off-site storage means is that someone else houses and organizes your phone records and data in their facility instead of having it take up time and space in your office.

Simple enough, but why is off-site storage important?

For business owners, having experts secure and manage their phone and data records off-site has several benefits.

  • Off-site phone record storage is secure. Compared to doing-it-yourself, the security benefits of off-site call record storage are huge. Your records are localized, easy to access, and completely protected from things like hard drive crashes, security lapses, and emergency scenarios (like fire, flood or other disaster). Experts trained in storage handle your files, so you don’t have to worry about files being misplaced or lost, and detailed recovery plans are in place in the case that something out of the ordinary does happen.

  • Off-site phone record storage is convenient. One of the benefits of off-site call record storage is that it gives you and your employees complete access and control to your files without the hassle of managing files and equipment in-house. Easy access to your data gives you near instant, up-to-date information, plus the benefit that you or your employees don’t have to spend precious time on tasks that take away from your bottom line.

  • Off-site phone record storage can boost your bottom line. Most importantly, storing phone records off-site can improve your productivity and give you and your employees more time to do the work that makes a difference. By trusting experts to handle your off-site phone recording storage, you can dedicate your time to doing what you are an expert in. Does’t it make sense to focus your talents on what you do best and leave the small but important details, like off-site storage, to a company who does that best?

If you’re wondering how you can get off-site phone record storage for your phone records or have a few more questions, get started by live-chatting with a representative on the TeleCapture website, or drop us a line here. We’ll share with you more about how TeleCapture can give you insight into customer phone calls to help your team close more business.

In the mean time, tell us: what’s one benefit you’ve found to storing your phone records off-site?